Sales and marketing working closely together increases revenue by up to 20%.


Why is it then that so many sales professionals don’t feel they have a good relationship with marketing and how can we improve it?

Marketers are frustrated sales don’t follow up on leads, and sales are frustrated marketing don’t deliver qualified leads – there is a clear disconnect.

Download Paiger’s sales and marketing survey below to see the results and gain advice on how to achieve a good relationship between sales and marketing in your business.

We Asked Over 100 Sales Professionals About Their Relationship With Marketing... then we asked a panel of experienced marketers to discuss the results.

Meet the panel of experienced marketers...


Janine Owen 

Director, Onnovate Ltd

With over 18 years in the industry, Janine has worked as Marketing Manager for Reed, Hays & Search Consultancy. 


Recently, Janine started her own business, Onnovate Ltd. 

Owain Wood

Head of Marketing, Harnham

As Head of Marketing at Harnham, Owain has 11 years experience in the industry, including working for Carmichael Fisher, Acre & RED.

Glenn Southam

Founder, TwoEnds

Having 15 years experience as a marketer, Glenn has worked for StaffGroup, RGP & Laurences Simons. 


In 2018, Glenn founded his own company, TwoEnds. Alongside TwoEnds, Glenn also runs the The Lonely Marketers podcast. 

Richard Turrell

Head of Marketing, Handle Recruitment

Richard has previously been Head of Marketing at Stanton House, First Choice Software & FiveTen Group. 

Kieron Mayers

Recruitment Marketing Director, Marmalade Marketing

Kieron has over 12 years in the industry - currently working as Marketing Manager at Marmalade Marketing. Previously, Kieron was the Head of Marketing at Evolution Recruitment Solutions.

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