Every week our CEO, Darren Westall, has a beer with leading marketers to understand their wins, frustrations and get advice. 


He talks the continual learning of marketing, making good mistakes and the relationship between sales and marketing, answering common questions among subscribers. 



Who are previous guests on the podcast?


Kieron discusses his experiences working with sales teams, how to improve the relationship between the sales and marketing team and more. He believes if you don’t involve salespeople from the outset, don’t expect them to buy in when the results come.


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Kieron Mayers 

Recruitment Marketing Director


Janine gives tips on integrating your sales and marketing teams. Marketers, she terms ‘the support function’ to the sales team are increasingly important to business sales and eventually leading on to the sales team becoming their own marketers, for their individual brands.


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Janine Owen


John believes marketers have become the driving engine of the business in terms of growth and lead creation, when previously termed ‘the colouring in department’.


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John Russell

UK Managing Director and CMO


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